Photographer: Brother Alfred Brousseau
© 1995 Saint Mary's College of California

This low growing plant is a Sierra native. It has a very detailed texture. The scientific name is Chamaebatia foliolosa.
Kit-kit-dizze is the Miwok Indian name for the plant.

Here is the texture on a small vessel, antiqued with paint.

 The leaves are thick for their size and create a nice deep texture, It mica shifts well.

 This is the enamel technique I've been playing with on a lentil style bead, it's about 1 1/2" across .

The textured sheet of polyclay is baked. Liquid Kato is rubbed on, then PearlEx powders(mica) are applied. This is heat set. Next layers of the Kato Liquid are applied and heat set until the surface is glassy. (is that a word ?).

 Here is the same enamel technique on a pendent.

 The flat beads are made by pressing a ball of clay between the texture sheets. The picture doesn’t show it well, but the beads have the same texture as the pendent.


Here it is on a pen. The textured pens feel great.

I cover the pen kit tubes with polymer clay, insert a dowel in the tube, and roll the tube across the texture sheet. 

This same technique can be used for beads. Cover a baked base with raw clay, insert a wire through the bead and roll across the texture sheet


 And here is a pen with the enamel technique. 

The same texture sheet, both on the same pen kit, the only difference is in the post baking treatment.


 I really love this texture sheet.

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