Open Weave Basket

I am a Polymer Clay Artist. The examples are polymer clay and the description of techniques are common terms used in working with polymer clay.

The silicon texture sheets do not need a release agent when used with polymer clay. The soft edges are wonderful for impressing smaller areas or working repeats.

This is made from a open weave bamboo basket. The over-under weave is very distinct. Notice the detail, it is hard to believe this is just polymer clay pressed into a texture sheet with some brown paint. 

 Well to be more accurate, this is ivory colored polymer clay, with a burnt umber patina.


 This texture sheet 'mica shifts' wonderfully. The image on the left is of a flat piece of clay the sense of depth is all an illusion.

 Notice how it maintains the over-under pattern. Amazing!

 Here is a mokume gane sheet on a bracelet in pearl blue and greens. 


 If you would like more information on the technique, here is a great tutorial on the web site Polymer Clay Central:

4 Color Mini Mokume Gane


 And here it is in tinted golds.

 A few notes; I used Kato Polymer Clay Color Concentrates to tint Premo Gold polymer clay. It makes the colors very intense, but preserves the mica shift of the gold. 

I didn't sand this piece. I like the tiny bit of texture that remains after the mokume gane process.  

 The texture on the inside is Grass Cloth.


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