Weathered Wood

This is taken from a large downed tree, maybe 4 feet across. It is the exposed tree under the bark. The pattern is different than the pattern  on weathered lumber. It's a  subtle thing, but noticeable.

 I think that is why it works to imitate the grain of old ivory.

 The silicon texture sheets do not need a release agent when used with polymer clay. The soft edges are wonderful for impressing smaller areas or working repeats.

 This is the texture on an ivory colored polymer clay,  antiqued with burnt umber acrylic paint.



This texture sheet is shallow and will work as a stamp.

Here I've combined Weathered Wood with Desert Sandstone for an antler look.

This is ivory clay with a burnt umber acrylic paint patina.  


This tiny vessel was covered with an ivory and translucent grained clay. It was then textured with the weathered wood, and antiqued with burnt umber acrylic paint.


Once again on a pen, ivory clay with burnt umber paint. This is a very popular pen. It's not a great photo, but it is a great pen. I can't keep them around. People seem very comfortable choosing this pen as a gift.

 I cover the pen kit tubes with polymer clay, insert a dowel in the tube, and roll the tube across the texture sheet. 

This same technique can be used for beads. Cover a baked base with raw clay, insert a wire through the bead and roll across the texture sheet.



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