Real Textures

Each texture sheet is molded from the actual object. They have all the detail, subtlety and imperfections of the real wood, rock or plant.

 The sheets are made from a commercial quality RTV silicon mold compound, and can withstand temps to 600 degrees. Each sheet is hand made and will vary slightly from the picture.

 The pictures are in black and white to show the texture, actual molds are light green . They are about 2mm (3/32") thick.

All Real Texture Sheets are available for $10 each. 

I accept Paypal or USPS money orders. Shipping is $1 per sheet, on orders of 3 or more texture sheets, shipping (within the US) is free. 

Please Email me to place an order or ask any questions. 

Click on Image for more information

texture1 texture2 texture3 texture4
Growth Ring New Open Weave Basket Sugar Granite Weathered Wood
texture5 texture6 texture7 texture8
Dark Side Wood Tiny Cracked Growth Ring Kit-kit-dizze Fine Lauhala
texture9 texture910 texture911 texture811
New Crumpled Foil Shingle Cracked Growth Ring Desert Sandstone Green Sea Urchin
texture812 texture813 texture911  
Lava Rock Grass Cloth River Sand
texture912 texture913 texture914 texture915
Wood Block One Wood Block Two Wood Block Three Wood Block Four
texture916 texture917    
Wood Block Five Wood Block Six

Texture Sheet examples: Growth Ring  Open Weave Basket  Sugar Granite  Weathered Wood   Dark Side Wood  Tiny Cracked Growth Ring  Kit-Kit-Dizze Fine Lauhala Crumpled Foil  Shingle Cracked Growth Ring Desert Sandstone Green Sea Urchin  Lava Rock Grass  Cloth River Sand Wood Block One  Wood Block Two  Wood Block Three Wood Block Four Wood Block Five Wood Block Six


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