Crumpled Foil
  Yes, it's true....this texture sheet is molded from crumpled aluminum foil. A carefully manipulated and stabilized piece of foil, but still Aluminum Foil.

 Yes, you could just wad up foil and press it into something, but that's an impression, an inny, this is a mold of the actual thing, you get an outty.

 Look at these pictures, it is a great texture sheet, and versatile also.

 This ivory polymer clay with a Burnt Umber patina. Looks good, doesn't it. It looks more like leather or paper, very organic, very nice. 


 Crumpled Foil mica shifts like crazy. Remember, this gold polymer clay is completely flat, the 3-D look is an illusion.

Are you liking it a little more? 

Here is a small vessel. 

I've used Crumpled Foil to create the mokume gane veneer on the front.  

 If you would like more information on the texture sheet mokume gane technique, here is a great tutorial on the web site Polymer Clay Central:

    4 Color Mini Mokume Gane



 And a close up of the mokume Gane pattern. Again, remember, this is completely flat, the sense of depth is an illusion.

Like I always say, I love this texture sheet!







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