Clayville Guild

Members Workshop

Scarf Pin on a Wire Armature  

February 12th 10AM to 4PM

Citrus Heights Community Church

West Hall










Scarf Pin on a Wire Armature

 In this workshop you will learn how to make a scarf pin with a captured arm.

 The class will cover creating the two part wire base, work hardening the wire, and covering the wire base with clay. The base will be embellished with push mold and caned  elements.


- Polymer Clay, ivory or ecru, conditioned, and any other colors as desired. 

 This will need to be a strong brand of clay. Premo or Kato recommended. Firm clay will work best.

- Liquid Clay

- embellishments:  canes, hot fix crystals, mica powders, ect.


 - Notepad and pencil

 - Work Surface

 - Clay, or Tissue Blade  

 - Xacto knife

 - scissors  

 - modeling or sculpting tools

 - 12 inch ruler or other straight edge tool

 - optional:

  ear plugs, for use while hammering wire

  heat gun and protective surface (a large tile works well)

  wire working tools


Kit (available for purchase) will contain:

 - 1 two part wire base

 - Thin Rod, This will  be the same size as wire armature.  

- 12 gauge copper wire, 3 feet  

 - Texture sheet in wood grain and sandpaper texture 

 - cosmetic sponge 

 - baking surface and batting 

Victoria will have the following to share:

 - hammer and work surface 

 - wire working tools

 - Push molds and texture sheets

 - Acrylic paint and brushes

 - Deli wrap 

 - sand paper




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